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Whether you are buying your first home, upsizing or downsizing, a conveyancer, also known as a property lawyer, is an essential part of your property purchase. Read on to find out how they can help smooth out your buying journey. 

A property lawyer is by your side throughout the home-buying process, guiding you through the legal complexities and ensuring a seamless transition from contract exchange to completion day. 

Here is what a property lawyer/conveyancer will do for you and why they are essential: 

  • Most importantly, when buying any type of property, a conveyancer is compulsory. They will confirm your identity by cross-checking your details with official records to avoid future delays.
  • They will work towards facilitating your buying process to help you move in your desired timeline.
  • They will conduct property searches, including Local, Environmental, and Drainage Searches and inform you about any nearby planned or future works. Once the results are available, they will also guide you through the findings and next steps. 

After you are satisfied with the results, you will sign the transfer deed, or TR1, which transfers ownership after completion. Your property lawyer will handle all documentation, liaise with your mortgage lender (if applicable), and coordinate the transfer of your deposit and final funds.


What to consider when choosing the right property lawyer

To help you choose a property lawyer whom you can trust and rely on, here are some important pointers to keep in mind:
1) Opt for a professional conveyancing firm
Your first decision is to select a dedicated conveyancing firm with lawyers who focus solely on property law. Alternatively, you could choose a general law firm, but they may lack a dedicated property department. Ensure they have a good reputation and research the company’s reviews to evaluate their performance.

The complexities of property law demand an experienced hand. Therefore, in addition to considering the firm’s reputation, also consider how long they have been offering their services for, as a company with a history of handling property transactions nationwide will be better equipped to represent your interests, anticipate potential issues, and leverage their experience with third parties to keep your transaction on track.

2) Consider the company’s form of communication 
The days of paper-based (postal) applications and contracts are in the past, especially as this outdated method can cause unnecessary delays to your buying or selling process. An online portal is a much simpler and faster way to communicate with your property lawyer, document completion and exchange, and provide case updates.

3) Review the property lawyer’s fees
Moving house can be expensive, so it is essential to manage your budget wisely. Beware of conveyancers who charge per correspondence, as each call and letter will add to your costs. Our advice is to seek a firm with transparent, fixed fees covering all aspects of your service. Some companies may even offer a guarantee, ensuring no charges if your sale does not complete.
If you have more conveyancing questions, or you are searching for a trustworthy property lawyer, reach out to us. We have a team of conveyancers ready to assist you with your property purchase.
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